The Northern plague brought chaos and death that forever changed the landscape of Ivere. Decades later the South is reborn and Lord Darius holds the women of the land under the heel of his boot.

War is brewing and the North is sending spies into the South. They are on the hunt for Eloya, a woman prophesied with the power to tip the scales.

Sienna has the face of an ancient goddess when the Aere family finds her near death in the southern wasteland. The Aere brothers wish to use her for gain but her elusive past makes the girl a risk. To complicate things further, she suffers amnesia. Only a voice in her head insists that she is nobody, nothing, worthless.

Suspected of being a spy, Lord Darius has an investigator circling while also eyeing the girl for his harem. Sienna soon discovers nothing is what it seems but one thing is for certain: the Lord always gets what he wants.

It’s the way of the South. After Sienna learns the full magnitude of this phrase she decidedly rejects it. And from the seed of this rejection, something more dangerous begins to emerge.

She wants to fight back.

Sienna is not alone. A coward dares to align with her while a spy and warrior spark rebellion nearby. The women become powerful forces, capable of causing the Lord great pain. But the way of the South won’t leave them unscathed. It crawls beneath the skin, forces betrayal, and leaves permanent scars.

Change may be possible in Ivere…but the cost will be high.

Photo Credit: James Paick

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