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Didn’t you see my warning label?
The waiver form on my skin?
The fine print running down my spine?

Beneath the pervasive knot in my neck-
And my rather large, buxom backside?

It tells the story of me.

Not elegant and graceful
Smooth and refined


Bumbling and fumbling
Splashing and struggling
Clumsy and chaotic
nearly drowning at times

Only me,
Only human.

I sing it
Over and over
Hoping someday

I do not come with caution tape
Or a disclaimer

If I did
You could decide
Ahead of time
If it’s worth it

If I’m worth it

If only I could hand you papers
A disclosure agreement

Fine print would read:

Makes mistakes
Drops balls
Has broken parts
And missing pieces

It would state:

Faulty components
Can’t be fixed
Changed, or replaced
“As is” condition only

Continuing on…

Lots of quirks
Good for laughs
Puts off great warmth
Has no expectations

All broken instruments,
Those in disrepair,
Are welcome
And accepted “as is”

These are the terms:
Sign below.

If only
This was enough.

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