How sad
How misfortunate
How tragic

As I stand outside these walls
As I see the world, alive

The forest, untamed
The sky, so colorful
The landscape, so vast

You’ll never know
Never taste
Never see

Your walls, man made
Erected around your mind

Your soul will never take flight
Clipped wings
Bars and a cage

What a perversion!
When birds were destined to fly!

You’ll never charter new waters
Discover new lands
Know the pleasure of surprise
To find the world isn’t flat

I will feel the ocean beneath me
Whimsical and jubilant
The kiss of salt air
The vigor of the sea

I’ll drink of the sunset
I’ll sing in my soul
I’ll turn to catch your awe
Matching mine

But you will not be there
You will never see

How sad
How misfortunate
How tragic

When I taste a new food
It’s exotic flavor
Rousing my tongue

When I see the world in color
The pallor banished
Every radiant shade
Like the headiest of wine

When I hear a new language
God called by another name
When a stranger is my reflection
My soul behind their eyes

When the foreigner becomes teacher
And every strand connects
In an infinite tapestry

And I rejoice, I weep!
I fall to my knees

You will not be there
You will not know

When I see your path
So different from mine
When I see our destination
And know it is the same

You will not be there
You will not know

As I laugh at ignorance
As I dance on its grave
As I bury judgment
As I plant acceptance

As I open my mouth
You will close your mind

You will shutter your windows
So the light does not get in
Lest the darkness comes
And snatches your light away

What a flimsy little light
You nurture, you hold
To be so easily snuffed
So easily corrupted

And how sad!
What a shame!
How tragic!

That darkness?
Is me!

I am the shadow you fear
The haunting you banish
The demon you exercise

I am now stranger
I am now poison
I am an outcast

As you pray
For me to not be me
As you click your tongue
And label me lost

From your bubble
From your fortress
From your dank realm

You know not the term
Flimsy, a veneer
As you lie, deluded

Praying for my capture
For my chains
For clipped wings

You ask for repentance?
No. Oppression.
A cage, a dark cell

How sad
What a shame
How tragic

To live in fear
To never wander
To never step outside!
To breathe stagnant air!

Because labels matter more
Being right matters most

Never questioning
Trusting one side of a story

Lest the enchantment break
Lest the spell wither
Lest the deception die

Where is the boogie man?
Where is the vampire?
An apparition on the wind…

I don’t understand
Fearing your brother
I don’t understand
Abhorring unity

To call this love??

How sad
What a shame
How tragic

How sad
You don’t see me

Don’t you know?
I’ll still adventure on

Photo Credit: Sabotazystka

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