Are you looking for something?
An apology?

You. Will. Never. Get. One.

Look in my motherfucking eyes-
Long and hard.

I am done feeling guilty.
Walking around like a little bitch.

My anger is unusual.
A flavor you’ve never had.
Better open up wide-
Get ready for your medicine.

My anger does not run hot.
But low and cool.
An icy river-
In a dark, cold place.

For years, I’ve been watching.
Observing you all.

Sticking together,
Mistaking my silence,
For someone unaware.

Standing against me,
Clanging your Jesus cymbals,
Like a gaudy kid-band in the ether.

You know nothing about my magic.

You chose to project darkness and despair onto me.
I chose to turn it into something powerful.

I am done pretending to be weak.
For your comfort.

I’m coming for you…
To tear it ALL down.
To do EVERYTHING you’ve feared.

This narrative you love-
This book you cling to-
I’ll set it on FIRE.

Just try to stop me.
Just try to pray me away.

I’m coming for it ALL.

Don’t expect an apology…
I’ll be there with war paint.

Image Credit: Khaled Hossen (Pinterest)

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