The old god

The one from the sky
And moldy pages
Peculiar stories
Conflicting accounts

How did you get back in?
When the doors were locked,
The windows sealed…

How did you find this pulse?
Crawl back under this skin?
Sink your teeth back in?

How ever did you find me?

How did you sneak past the gate?
Evade the guards?
Silence the dogs?

Now here you are.
And now here I am…

Wearing these old clothes
Eating the same shit
Choking on the same poison

Open the doors!
Smash the windows!

Let the light in
Let the truth in
Let it ALL in

I got paralyzed
Didn’t I,
Old god?

So you saw your chance
And leapt

The new god must have fled
Wings on wind
Beyond four walls

And look at me, missing my ride


Why didn’t I just say it?
Just speak it aloud?
Like the birds,
With their dauntless call

But I locked my truth up
Locked it up tight
Afraid it might hurt someone
Afraid, so afraid

If only I were a bird
And didn’t live in a house at all

I would sing all the time
I would sing everywhere
Thinking only of love
Not fear

Thinking only of my song
Because that is how the true god
That is how love-

It is how love made me

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