If only I believed in demons
Then maybe I could exorcise you

Hungover from another visit
Without a single drop of alcohol

Head pounding
Stomach in knots
Unease wracking my nerves

Wasn’t it enough that I lost myself to you
Now I watch it on replay
Another wide-eyed worshipper

Another me
Only blue eyes, strawberry hair

And I subject myself to this
Hoping to be a light

Must it be so dark?
The air so thick?
The walls so high?

The windows so tightly shuttered?

And I know what you’re about
Though you smile and embrace me
I see past the illusion
Carefully, intricately woven

Your mask, flimsy and cheap
Cracking over the years

Plastic was never meant to last.

You’re infected by lies
Caught in a deep slumber
The gospel of fear
Inscribed in your heart

Fear is the language
That you whisper and utter
Fear is your song
As you warn of deception

Children’s dreams suffocated
For flimsy indoctrination
Order and control
Prized over love

Real, unconditional love.

Can anyone cross you, really?
Can her voice disagree?
Can his mind challenge?

It is “ungodly.”

Therein lies the problem
Don’t you know?
You are the god


So the sickness continues
He must vie for your approval
She must maintain your favor

Silk strands at your tips
Everything “under control”
Little souls-
Beholden to you

And when I tried to give you light
It wasn’t bright enough
Just failed words
On a sluggish tongue

You offered an apology
Flimsy and spoiled
Skillfully placing
The blame back on me

You won’t listen
Not for a second
Though I’m here
Scratching at your scabs

Don’t you know?
I’m your haunting too
And you cannot exorcise me

I’m the thorn in your skin
The necrosis of your wound
The inconvenient reminder
I am your scar

No matter what you say
It won’t change the truth
That it was wrong,

So I am here.
If nothing else-
I am here.

Image Credit: (Pinterest) ozziram

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