There are those that will fight to keep gay marriage out of this country. And there are those that will fight for freedom and liberty. And there are those that…hmm. They are awfully quiet, aren’t they?

It would appear we are sleeping in the United States of America and need a wake up call. We are in the midst of another civil rights movement and too many people are idly standing by.

I’d like to clarify: It’s not okay. It’s not okay for us to stand back and wait it out. It’s too much like the coward that hides during battle, emerging later after his comrades are all dead.

Although there are many gray areas in life, this simply isn’t one of them. This is black and white. Either we support the gay community that is thrashing in riotous waters to find their footing…or we do not.

We cannot walk along the beach, watch them battle for air, and then turn away. We have a moral obligation to get wet.   We must reach our hands out and bring them to solid ground.

If we do not do this, then we are failing to answer an outcry of injustice. It is tragic, appalling, and grievously apathetic. We are no different than the man that looked the other way when his neighbor was being called nigger and beat into the mud.

What will people think? What will my mom think? My dad think? What will my church think? My friends?

It is what we think that matters. It is what we believe that must be spoken.

Our inner voice calls to us every time we see an online appeal for support, a couple which fights for rights, or an individual with pain in their eyes.

Our inaction does have repercussions and there is a ripple effect. We communicate less support than there is and breed power to the ignorant and intolerant. We feed the aloof beast that allows teenagers to commit suicide.

We must be civil rights activists and show the gay community they are not alone.

Everyone has a role to play. If we have the money, we can donate. If we have a Facebook wall, we can post. If we are a writer, we can write. If we have professional influence, we can use it. If we have a gay friend or family member, we can support them.

There are so many precious lives hanging in the balance that need us. Some day, if not already, it will be someone we love. It will be our brother or sister. It will be our best friend. It will be our mom or dad. It will be our son or daughter.

Do we want to wait until then to decide?

Join me now and take a stand.

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