It was never hatred
Or anger
That turned me stoic
Hard and cold
Like a statue

But a sort of madness
Germinating inside me
The tug of war
With your claws
On my flesh, so pliable

It was the little things
The passing things
Spoken, here and there
Benign, innocuous

But I knew
It would poison me

Because you had a strange power
Over me

Like a witch
A demon
A supernatural entity

I would care too much.

And that thing
That last tie
I refused to sever

Didn’t I know?

It’s where they all hide
The demons and dark princes
Gaining silent footholds
On the simple, the trusting

You’ll never know the pain
It’s caused me
This open wound
I let you pick at

The limp, the handicap
The goddamn wheelchair
I return to
Again and again



Love, Love, Love
The cloth I was cut from
The song in my veins

To love.
Lest you need me.

So I bleed
In silence
I let you cut me
In your ignorance

I. Accept. You.

I love you.

But at what cost?

When will I exorcise this final demon?
When will I love myself better?

Image Credit: Girl On Fire (Pinterest)

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