How long does it take

Silent killer
Evading detection

Send in the infectious disease specialist
Perform the full blood panel

They always come up empty

How long does it take
To hunt it out
Extract the thing

Stop it from

Years of slavery
Brain washing
Control, abuse

Pick your poison
It doesn’t matter
The result, is the same
The shackles- the same

That’s the real burn
The damnation

I think, I’m free

Enough years
Enough time
Enough new thinking

Enough rain
Washing it away

But no
It’s inside
In the blood, the veins

That’s the true horror.

That dark hidden thing
Taking root
Again and again
Over and over

The curse of the past
The thing I loathe the most
Inside me
A part of me

I will never be the same

How long
How many times
To slay this goddamn dragon?

It’s impossible
It gains it’s might and myth
With every breath I take

Won’t I have to destroy myself in the end?

Image Credit: Kim Koster, photographer

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