I’ll hold this coin
Till it cuts my palm

I’ll say the words
Till they’re branded on my skin

I’ll recite the prayer
Till my mouth cracks and bleeds

I’ll take the steps
Till there’s none of me left

Wake up.

This is no ordinary prison
No ordinary rehab center

The wallpaper is crumbling
The walls are yellowing

The furniture is dated
The windows are shuttered

But I keep coming back
Over and over

Don’t I see?
The straight jackets?
The glossed over stares?

The way they rock and hum?
Repeating scriptures?

Yet I stand here
Speaking reason
Expecting it will matter

Who is the lunatic, really?

I am the truest addict
And my drink is denial

Wake up.

They are GONE
Just empty shells

I can cut myself all day
Bleed out, right here, on the floor

They’ll only applaud me
For dying so well

The mad man cannot hear reason
The addict cannot see truth

Welcome to “salvation”
The most insidious drug of all

It would be a comedy
Were it not so tragic

This madman, this spectacle
Offering ME the needle

But what did I expect?

I’m still standing here
Though I know where the door is

Image Credit: laughter of insanity on Pinterest

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