I was contrived
With a robust palate
A rainbow psyche
And contempt for castles

Their walls
And barricades
Dank air
And yearly galas

All masks and costumes
A charade, a play

What could they know of color-
In a world of gray?

They try to name it “this”
Label it “that”
Contain it somehow

Color illuminates
Color marks and spreads
Color simply IS.

I failed to harness my color
Even failed kindergarten-
To color in the lines

So I crossed the lines-
Crossed the rules
Crossed it all.

I spread my wings
-Bold and brazen plumage
My pride.

I took myself outside.

Outside the lines
Outside the rules
Outside the walls

Lush color everywhere
Untamed beauty
Diverse, raw, wild
You. You.
You and you and you.

I visit the castle now
And attend the gala
Their cheap display
Their vulgar ruse

I do not speak
I simply am.

I stand in the center
I spread my wings
I bleed my color everywhere

I make a proper mess.

And the other birds in the cages-
They stir.

Image Credit: Celia Muschotti

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