I know this place
I know these streets
I know the weather
The back of my hand

I know this house
I dream of it at night
The halls and walls
Untouched by time

I know how to enter
Camouflage my wings
Submerge ‘neath the abyss
And live without air

It’s a rigorous routine
Never ending madness
The tedium of sameness
A merry go round

Like an autistic trigger
Rainman patters in my brain
Rhythmic and stuck
The voices begin

The silent blood letting
The muffled screams
A loaded gun duel
Just a dark comedy

This place
This god damned place

How long will I dance here
A fucking lunatic
Yes please
Give me the straight jacket

The landscape is smeared
Colors turned black
Gravity, obsolete
Raining bullshit

Wake up lunatic
Look at your padded cell
The years you’ve lost
Mumbling and carrying on

No one is listening.

No. One. Hears. You.

Stop scratching
Crying and sobbing
Demanding justice
Or even an apology

You poor deluded soul
Look where you are

You are in the asylum
And this is NOT your home

Your abuser
Your contender
The mad fucking hatter
Lives next door

Shouting at your ghost
Arguing with your demons

It’s what we do
In our heads
On and on
Over the years

Arguing our case
These scars.

Acknowledge it
Dignify it

One day
It will change
Eyes will open
Ears will hear


Down the rabbit hole
Drinking poison
Going back
Again and again

I know the way in
I know the way out
Maybe one day-
I’ll leave.

Image Credit: From ZeroChan.net

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