Sometimes your shackled
By a seemingly innocuous soul

Sometimes your jailer
Wears the face of a friend

Sometimes your prison is made
By the one you trust

Sometimes your monster
Was never in your closet

But rather at your bedside
Tucking you in

And that’s the trouble
With breaking free

Sometimes your shackles
Look exactly like shelter

…When you’re caught in a storm

Sometimes the definition of freedom
Is bastardized

The truth about love-

Becoming the malnourished lies
We somehow survive on

And that’s the trouble
With breaking free

Sometime you take the guilty sentence
That Wormtongue sold you on

The reflection you’re looking at
Distorted by his lies

Sometimes all this happens
In the lap of your childhood

Madness and insanity
Spilling onto magical landscapes

And that’s the trouble…

Sometimes the one you trust
Is the one that’s been locking you up

Wearing the light of angel
Playing the role of saint

Creating your prison
Bar by bar

And that’s the trouble
With breaking free

Image Credit: Urchina on DeviantArt

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