What did I ask of you?
Any of you?

When I went through my dark night of the soul?

Did I ask you to listen?
While I vented and railed?
Did I ask you to fix me?
Help me?
Save me?

Did I ask you for anything?
…Anything at all?

Even though you looked at my pain,
Just the surface of it,
And made your judgements.

Even though you projected your hang-ups onto me.
Even though you attached your own narratives.
Even though you wrote yourself…right over my silence.

You didn’t think I’d feel it?

After I supported you, through your darkest hour.
After I cheered for you, unconditionally.

Is that what you want to hear me say?

Sorry I was broken for a while.
Sorry I disappeared for a bit.
Sorry I changed.

Fuck that.

I found a place where it was safe to not be okay.
Cause it wasn’t with you.
…Any of you.

So I gave it to myself.

I asked nothing of you.
Only friendship.
Only acceptance.

Things I’ve freely given.

This is who I am now.
I’m better for this journey.

If you don’t like it?
I do.

And I owe you nothing.

Image Credit: Yossi Kotler (Etsy art)

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