You were just a child
With dreams, desires

Feelings in flight
‘Neath your breast


Dad took pieces
Mom took parts-

In the name of god
In the name of love

Saying place them here
Your mind, your heart

Leave them on the alter.

God is perfect
…but you?

Don’t worry, child

You can be changed
You can be fixed

So learn the words with Mom
Recite them with Dad

Write it down
The “truth” on your heart

There now, all in time
Your silence will come

Tell me, child
Do you harbor lust?

Douse the fire
Drown it out

No sparing the rod
Discipline is prized

Run the race
Beat your body

Dad will teach you
Mom will help

They know the scriptures best.

You’re not what’s important

You’re not what matters

You’re SO VERY loved

It’s in the air
Thick and heavy

…can’t you breathe?


Such dangerous ideas!

Never trust
What’s outside

Here’s your mask
Keep it on

Shine bright
Always perform

Mom will show you
Dad will demonstrate

Do you question?
Do you doubt?

Are you angry?
Sad or lonely?

Push it down.

You are “saved”
…after all

Dad is broken
Mom is shattered

Called to suffer
And bear a cross

You too, are blessed!

Mom has your shackles
Dad’ll secure them

Don’t you see?
You’re so very blessed!

Image Credit: Martuquii (Pinterest)

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