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Yes, it’s true. I push boundaries. I ignore rules. I don’t always fit in.

If there were a flock of mixed birds all hanging out, I would probably be the awk-weird one with a funky gallop, crazy eye, and obnoxious call.

I am unapologetically me.

For years, I wasted away in a cage. I tip-toed around others. I was timid. I bit my tongue. Embedded heavily in religion, I observed the crushing of the human spirit, over and over again. I saw the blatant oppression of the soul, parading as something beautiful and spiritual.

I was a victim to it. Silenced, ignored, and dismissed.

So let me remind you. It’s 2018. This is your life.

Be brave. Be true.

The best decision I ever made was to let go.

It was painful and life-changing, but worth it. I shattered all the bonds and chains holding me back.

What cage holds you back? What cripples you with fear? Keeps you from your dreams? What hinders you from living authentically? It may be different for everyone but too often it involves upholding a reputation.


Be happy. Live a life that is real.

I am aware that I bend unwritten rules – even break them – especially when it comes to social media. Yet I do things consciously.

If we aren’t awake, if we fall asleep, it’s too easy to let someone else define what is socially acceptable.

LOVE. Love is my beacon and compass a like. And fear is my only target. When did we get so afraid to live? To speak up? To come out from our cages? To take flight? To be seen?

Life beckons. You may believe you are trapped. By a job. By a belief system. By a life you built that you’re completely disillusioned by now.

Take it from someone that spent too long answering to others. It’s never too late to break those shackles.

Let 2018 be your year to create something that is uniquely your own.

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