Professional Beta Reading Services

Call me your cheerleader, your champion, or your guide.
I am for the writer.

I understand that this project is incredibly important to you. I understand that as soon as it leaves your hands: You are waiting. I know this because I have been there.



I started scribbling in journals when I was in elementary school and never stopped. Writing is in my genetic code. I’m incredibly passionate about helping other writers. I will seek to aid you however possible so that your project reaches its full potential. I am a self-published author of two books as well as a published author with the local papers/ magazine.

As a beta reader, I will try to be in tune with the goal or intention of your project. I will offer thorough, quality feedback throughout the margin of your work. I will be honest in my feedback and I will be honest about any projects I believe I am unfit to beta read for.



I’m not a professional editor but I offer expertise based on my experience in the writing industry and the honing of my craft. Most of the editing I offer will be substantive or developmental editing. It is vital to go through this first before hiring an editor to do copy editing and proofreading. Developmental editing is often what beta readers do by commenting on the coherence and flow of your work. When I see sentence structure distracting from storytelling I will make editorial suggestions. When I see bad habits forming I will comment at least once on it so the writer is aware.


Genres I Accept

ALL fiction (this includes erotica and horror) The only fiction I am not fit to read is fundamental/ religious based fiction
I particularly love fantasy, sci-fi, horror, historical fiction, romance, or LGBTQ themed fiction as well as anything funny and irreverent
Non-fiction: Spiritual, self-help, and memoirs only please

Please feel free to contact me with any questions

My service is not for those simply seeking a stroke of the ego. I’m here to offer outside perspective so one can improve their craft!

About Me

I have two blogs that cover topics on mindfulness, the damage of religion, living authentically, and embracing humanity. I have two self-published fantasy novels with sequels in the works. I devour horror and fantasy shows and books. I co-run a website with my husband promoting local cideries, breweries, and distilleries. I’m a huge craft beer enthusiast and I’ve written articles for the local paper and magazine promoting local breweries. I live with my husband of eighteen years, two teen boys, an adorable dog, and a bossy lovebird.


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