Heinous human being
In your white jacket
Collecting virtue from the devil’s arse

Serving the medical machine
-god of human sacrifice

Only sick fucks and bags of dicks need apply

So that-
When I walk into your office
Dread swelling in my gut
Staring at your dispassionate face
-treating me like garbage

And pardon me
-while I swallow my bile
i pay YOU for this.


You are
A scourge on society
A waste of space
A babbling idiot

Spouting ignorant, useless, material
You don’t possess
A modicum of value

In love with yourself

Admit it.
You got those extra two initials
For prestige
Self arousal

Fucking narcissist

And whatever for?
Everyone knows
You’re not that smart.

Throwing the same
Thoughts and ideas
The same old, repetitive,

Lemmings-all of you

We roll our eyes
Tired of your red carpets
Giants heads and tiny dicks
All to overcompensate
Those mother-fucking egos

So easily bruised
So much time is spent
Patching them up

Who has time
For the real patients?

I’ve been to your office
And your office
And yes.
…Your “special” one too

Taking my money
Wasting my time
Empty promises
New innovative
Blah, blah, blah-

I stopped listening to you
Stroking your own

Little voice recorders
Getting all worked up

Better to leave you to your own devices
When not one of you knows how to look me in the eye

Did any of you grow up
Or were you all left stunted?
With your childish commentary
And snap judgment

What do you know?
Any of you-
Of suffering?

If you knew. You would be KIND.

But you are weak
Utterly incapable

Don’t you know?
You are the chronic sufferers’ hell:

We need you-
We fucking hate you.

You suck at your job

And you’re a giant cosmic joke.

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