The villain is not made
In darkness and shadow
But in light, stark and burning

From the angel, the saint, the hero
Fallen stars, all
And we among them

The one day our tongue lashed
The one day we snapped
The one day we bled

Forget the masterpiece
We got human on it
Now it is stained
Our legacy, shattered

And this.
This is how the villain is made

We see what we wish
Label how we choose
Color in black and white

One moment, one word
One weakness
A fallen star falls from glory

And the sentence is always the same
To the guillotine!
To the stockades!

And this.
This is how the villain is made

We are such broken things
Haunted creatures
Hungry, roaming
Searching for something to feed on
To chew up and spit out
To judge, to mock

Lest our shadows rouse
Our reflections stir
Our past scratching
From behind closeted doors

So we carry on
In large crowds
With lots of noise
Booing and hissing
Attacking and blaming
Passing judgment

Leaders abuse
Lovers suffocate
Friends betray

A dad will cheer
And then berate
A mom will embrace
And then ostracize

Muddied waters
Blurred lines
Confusing, alarming

Can we trust ourselves?
Can we trust each other?
Can we ever trust again?

What tools to excavate?
To bring wounds to light?
What words to express?
Events riddled by pain?

Do we dare validate it?
Confront it? Dignify it?
The demon, the haunting?
The monster in the closet?

We don’t. We won’t.
Best to stay silent

Hidden scars…
Scratching behind the door
The voices in the closet
Are crazy…right?

The brave suffer in silence.
Because someone else…
Somewhere else…
Has it so much worse…

And on and on.

And this.
This is how the villain is made

The crowd forgot
We all forgot
That the villain was once a victim

But the villain lost their voice

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