There are many things we identify with during life: our career, partner, children, or a personal passion. Many of these things can shift from something we identify with into our identity.

The two can become intertwined making it difficult to see where one ends and the other begins. This can seem harmless until we end up hurting ourselves without even realizing we’re doing it.

We are always free to move in new directions. When a relationship turns sour, we can rediscover ourselves.  When we grow tired of the same problems at our job, we can step off the familiar path. When we do great things for a great cause, we can still do even greater things.

When we are not identifying with roles, people, and calls, we can hear life’s challenges and be attuned to the shift of the wind. We understand we are not limited.

Otherwise it can become quite painful.

We begin fighting the opportunities life sends without even realizing it. We are exhausted and don’t know why. The energy and momentum of our environment changes and shifts. Life becomes a battleground and everyday feels like an obstacle course. It’s tragic when we are sleeping through the exit signs and passing the rest stops even though we are still very much the ones behind the wheel.

No one can tell us when we are experiencing the death of ego. We must see it for ourselves.

When ego is dying, it’s fighting very hard to stay alive. It is after all, a form of death.

At any age or stage of life, it can be shocking to discover we are sabotaging ourselves. We get scared. We become paralyzed. We stop trusting our gut instincts. When this happens, we suffer.

Here are some signs the ego is fighting ~

1. You are unhappy or you feel great discontent over some part of your life.

2. You are bristly and/ or closed off about a certain topic in your life. You feel no one understands…and they probably don’t.

3. What you’ve been going through, you’ve been going through much longer than you ever imagined.

4. You’re health is in disrepair. You can’t sleep, you’re having headaches, you’re suffering stomach pain, or any of the above. These are all signs of stress. The body reflects the state of the soul.

5. You’ve become depressed, anxious, or are struggling with some other mental or emotional battle. Again, this is a reflection of something deeper that your soul is trying to communicate.

6. An important relationship or relationships in your life have shifted or changed.

7. You might feel as you’ve fallen asleep in your own life. You are going through the motions but without meaning. You don’t know why you do the things you do anymore. You might feel as if you’ve grown uncomfortable in the own skin of your own life.

8. You are unnerved by silence so you put on music, watch TV, or get out your phone for distraction. Or: You struggle with being alone so you go out, call a friend, or have vapid relationships. You do all this to avoid whatever is nagging you deep down.

9. You’ve tried fixing “it” other ways because you don’t want to man-up/woman-up and do what needs to be done. It’s not working and you’re miserable. Fear of the unknown has left you paralyzed.

10. You’ve become grumpy and mean. You weren’t always this way but life has chewed you up and spit you out.

The good news:

The best news in all of this is that we have more power than we realize. The conflict begins and continues when we oppress our inner power. Something inside us rebels against it and in frustration, pushes back.

The higher self (our soul) does not want to be imprisoned by the ego’s fear. It is gentle but pervasive. It is the truest version of who we are.

When we begin to work with the highest, brightest version of our self its like tinder for the fire. Things will begin happening and the universe, God, life, (what have you) will begin to send aid.

Even if we still feel weighed down by fear, anxiety, or sadness, taking that first step is enough to begin a new journey down a better path.

You still have the power ~

Take that first step. Welcome the quiet. Spend some time observing yourself. Picture it like stepping outside your life and viewing it in third person. Accept what is happening without judgment. What do you see?

What are you holding onto? What are you refusing to let go of? What are you afraid of?

What do you really want? What awakens you? Is it worth the risk?

I hope you decide that it is…



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