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Bonnie (BJ) Leonard

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I have been a writer since childhood, devouring cheap, spiral journals with heated scribbles until flimsy plastic bins could no longer hold them.

My love of writing spans from poetry to fiction work. As a huge fan of the fantasy genre, I released my first fantasy novel onto the market this year! Check out The Defiled and The Second Son, on Amazon and Kindle! Additionally, I have a fantasy trilogy, a lengthy endeavor (and my third child in every way imaginable) that I am nurturing into debut readiness.

I live in the quiet country of Virginia with my husband and two, not-so-quiet boys.   I write in my cozy stretchy-pants with my favorite, ethereal jams playing.  I have no filter and I am deeply passionate about many topics so watch out when my Leo rears her head and roars!

Please join me for all of it: the inspiring wisdom, amusing stories, and fierce passion. Just Bonnie: just me.