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She’s a funny one
It’s true
The faces
Remarks, antics

Maybe no one will notice
Broken parts
Missing pieces

Never quite right.

But such a full, ready laugh
Fun, silly-
For her time in the light.

Broken things
Stay on shelves
In the shadows


Why are some things so broken?
While other items are so strong?
So indestructible?

She doesn’t want to hate them
But it hurts
When little things
Can cost so much

While other devices
Run so smooth
Pretty, fluidly

Yet all is taken for granted
In the light

They are loved
Admired, valued

In the dark
The chasm increases

No matter how many times
She’s returned to the manufacturer
Or taken in for diagnostics
She’s still just broken

She is still

She tells herself
She is kinder
More compassionate

But does anyone need her?
Does anyone like her?

Is she…lovable?

She is funny.
She’s a funny one.

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