4 am
The pause
Pitch black
Eerie silent
Darkest hour

And no one moves
Or feels
Or hears
Or sees

It is a hidden hour
A time to turn away

Too bleak
Too black
Without soul

Utterly exposing

Is it strange?
So very peculiar?
How much I love you,
4 am?

Your silence
Crisp, blunt
Cruel but honest
An endless expanse
That soothes my soul

The lowest point
The tragedy
The sorrowful song
The tear soaked pillow

Only you, 4 am

The end
The death
The surrender

And at 4:59…

But why sleep?
At 4 am?

Through the crisis
The disaster
The tragedy

I’d regret it
I’m certain of it

Every story
Every song

Before the build
The crescendo
The light on the horizon

I need you
Bone crushing
Gut wrenching
4 am

Just me, a nobody
No witnesses
As I decide to care
As I choose to evolve

Please stop
For one moment
This. Right here.

It is where one is made

So strange
One day
Basking in the sun

I will miss the black
The dark, the cold
The silence

My sacred, holy place
4 am

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